A recent UFO case that involved a government cover-up is the Pentyrch incident,
a dramatic sighting just outside of Cardiff, Wales in a quiet small village called Pentyrch. In the early morning hours of the 26th of February 2016, a very large pyramid shaped, "interdimensional" UFO appeared above a nearby field with numerous smaller objects emitting from it. One of the strange objects is said to have actually contacted the primary witness to the event Caz Clarke.
Planes and a large military presence somehow knew the UFOs were coming and waited in ambush. Witnesses saw glowing orbs and what were described as barrel-shaped objects come from the large pyramid craft and move strangely about in the night sky unlike any ordinary aircraft as the pyramid became even brighter discharging a strange reddish orange lightning that illuminated the sides of the craft, revealing that it was indeed a single large object having an unusual rockface surface lined with glowing red and orange lights along its edges.
The orbs moved erratically about doing impossible manuevers, excitedly as if to draw the military planes away from the large unknown ship as it moved into a cloaked position as if seemingly back out of our known dimension.
Military helicopters appeared and tried to chase some of the objects, presumably shooting one of them down. Residents heard large explosions during the night in the direction where one of the smaller UFOs were being chased. The blasts shook the foundations of buildings and woke residents up during the night.
In the following morning, a large swath of trees were found broken, snapped mid trunk with intense white burn marks along a path pushed through the trees by an unkown object as it fell through a long trajectory stretching as far as the eye can see where one of the objects were chased, consistent with a crashed UFO. One of the pursuing helicopters had its cockpit catch on fire as if from an intense blast of energy and had to make an emergency landing at a nearby airport.
There was a continuos presence of mysterious men in hazmat suits searching the area for a long time after the incident. One could be heard saying "we have to find it." Unusually high radiation, strange snow, biological effects and other anomalies where the UFOs appeared can still be measured to this day and an ongoing cover-up of the incident continues. All attempts to get any meaningful responses from official government sources have been met with proven lies and blanket exemptions.
This UFO encounter had all the ingredients of an epic sci-fi movie, only this was real life.

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This book details from the point of view of Caz Clarke the primary witness and contactee of the event, what many are now calling the biggest UFO case of modern times.

She and Gari Jones lead investigator, systematically show the compelling evidence which they have gathered since the event and many agree there is definitely enough to show something very unusual really did happen that night in Pentyrch and surroundng areas, and that the UK government went to great lengths and even broke the law, interrogating and threatening witnesses and violating MOD rules and city codes to get it under wraps.
“It is time to ask the real questions of our governments.
The time for secrecy is over! It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of the evidence herein as it has the most profound implications for humanity, our children and our planet!”

—  Caz Clarke
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Pentyrch UFO Incident